InnoWork; A European Success Story

Excellent news for the InnoWork project! Following completion of the project (which launched last year), InnoWork has been awarded ‘Success Story’ and ‘Good Practice Example’ awards from the European Commission and the Bulgarian National Agency “Human Resource Development Center”.

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PR5 – InnoWork Final Conference

The InnoWork project Final conference took place on the 14th of October, 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The project “Towards a more innovative working environment” – InnoWork, is implemented under the Erasmus+ programme, Cooperation and innovation for good practices (KA 2).

The organizational innovations and the outcomes of the InnoWork Project were celebrated by the consortium together with more than 120 guests in Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sredets hall on 14.10.2916. The event was attended by educational institutions, recruitment agencies, career centres, company managers from various economic sectors, Human Resource and R&D managers, companies experienced in the field of EU project implementation and other stakeholders.

After the opening of the Conference on Friday by the Managing Director of European center for Quality Ltd, Mr Luydmil Manev, the project coordinators, Ms Margarita Vasileva and Ms Denitsa Sejkova presented the main outputs of the project, training curriculum and learning materials, guidelines for VET providers, as well as the project’s website.

The keynote speakers prof. Ileana Monteiro and prof. Fernando Sousa from Portugal shared an overview of the Innovations – past and present, case studies from Portugal and a practical workshop on Organizational Innovation Model.

In the afternoon session Mr Justin Rutherford from Learn Play Foundation, UK in an interactive manner presented how “serious” games make learning effective and Ms Mariela Petkova from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa, BG animated the participants with Pro-innovative practices from Northwest Bulgaria.

Moreover, there was a practical workshop aimed at providing networking opportunities for the participants involving them in the selection and exchange of workplace metaphors. In addition, in groups partners and guests discussed “How can employees be motivated through non-financial stimuli” as a result each team nominated its `Best HR Manager`. The interesting surprises continued presenting the answers to the quiz and awarding of participants who have answered correctly.

The sustainability of the InnoWork project will be ensured by the project website maintenance for the next 5 years, additions and improvements of the training content, various project promotional materials, application of the InnoWork products, popularization of the project, keeping the partnership and last but not least, supporting the created national networks.

If you are looking for ways to improve the workplace environment in your company, develop an organizational innovation plan step-by-step or just for some creative thinking enhancement please visit

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InnoWork Press Release 27/04/2016

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The 4th Meeting of the InnoWork Project Partners took place in Kaunas, Lithuania on 18 and 19 of April 2016 in the premises of Kaunas Science and Technology Park.

The representatives of the partner organizations from the six partner countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Portugal, Finland and UK) made an overview of the interim evaluation report, the learning games, the project web platform and the dissemination and exploitation activities done. The main objective of this event was to plan in detail the conduction of pilot testing with SMEs and the development of the respective case studies. Prof. Ileana Monteiro from the Portuguese Association of Creativity and Innovation led this part of the session in an interesting and effective manner.

The content of all 10 training modules is ready and their translations from English into Bulgarian, Finnish, German and Lithuanian will be finalised by the end of April, 2016 in order to allow the interested enterprises and stakeholder to aquatint not only with the theoretical content but with the learning games, the self-reflection exercises and questionnaires as well.

During the second day of the meeting there was a short demonstration workshop on the InnoWork training material involving 6 SMEs from Lithuania. The demonstration workshop was a preliminary stage to the conduction of the official pilot testing. Partners had the possibility to talk directly to the participants and to get valuable feedback. As a result, the conduction, organization, methodology, and evaluation of the pilot testing were discussed.

The course methodology to be applied during the pilot tests is Modular, Gamified and Based on Web technologies at the same time. The learning activities allow a Self-study approach and a Tutor guided approach as well. Each module suggests a different type of exercises and learning games.

We encourage SMEs to get involved in all course activities, to get valuable knowledge and to draw their Organisational Innovation Plans. After going through the course you will know more about how to spark innovation and creativity and how to apply them at different areas of work, thus contributing in working conditions improvement, innovative abilities and creative thinking enhancement in your company.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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InnoWork UK Partner Meeting

LearnPlay Foundation was thrilled to host a partner meeting for our guests from AidLearn (Portugal), MERIG (Austria), KTU Regional Science Park (Lithuania), VAMK (Finland) and CCI Vratsa (Bulgaria along with host partners ECQ (also Bulgaria). It was fantastic to have them over to discuss and progress content for modules and learning activities which will launch on the official InnoWork website early next year. Many thanks to our overseas partners for travelling to the UK and thank you also to the LPF team who worked tirelessly to ensure things ran smoothly. We look forward to the 4th partner meeting which is scheduled to be held in Lithuania in April!

For those who have not yet heard about the project, check out our previous InnoWork posts.

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InnoWork Project Begins

The European project, Innowork, is a large multinational endeavor being led by Bulgaria and being partnered by the UK (LearnPlay Foundation), Finland (Muova/Vamk), Portugal (AidLearn), Austria (Merig) and Lithuania (KTC). The purpose of Innowork is to improve the use of creativity and innovation in the workplace with it hopefully concluding in the culmination of a large online innovation platform. This prestigious project is working alongside the Bulgarian chamber of commerce and industry, Vratsa, and is expected to last years, ending in 2016.

“I’m thrilled to be able to update you on one of our exciting European projects – Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union! For those out of the loop, LPF last year welcomed the opportunity to work on a European initiative developing tools to help improve creativity and innovation in the workplace. The project (aptly named “InnoWork”) involves a number of key European partners working closely to develop an online innovation platform which will be available for organisations all over the world next year.”

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