Holiday Activities And Food Programme (HAF) With LearnPlay Foundation December 2022

Holiday Activities And Food Programme (HAF) With LearnPlay Foundation December 2022

The Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) is held throughout the UK as part of the government’s endeavours to support children during the school holidays. This includes coordinated activities as well as a meal.

There are many wonderful HAF programs available, each providing a unique experience. Here at LearnPlay Foundation, we aim to help children to learn through technology by providing several unique offerings.

In addition to learning and playing with new and exciting technologies, participants have the opportunity to learn about nutrition and alternatives to eating sugar-ladened foods. Each attendee samples a variety of fruits and vegetables and learns how to incorporate them into their daily lives. At our December HAF, the selection on offer consisted of grapes, melon, cucumber and watermelon, to name a few.

Our most recent HAF proved to be a great success and popular with the many children who had the opportunity to learn, play and explore digital technologies. We received feedback from a delighted father who said, “It’s amazing what LearnPlay Foundation are doing as part of the Wolverhampton HAF. My daughters have attended both the Summer and Winter HAF and have enjoyed it immensely! I will be keeping an eye out for the 2023 HAF activities.”

On offer at Walsall, we had Tech Play – Game and Design. The Walsall HAF had 40 participants over 4 fun-filled days creating games and graphic designs.

Justin Rutherford, Programme Coordinator had this to say about his experience leading Walsall HAF delivery for LearnPlay Foundation, “The HAF Programme has become one of the more exciting activities at LearnPlay Foundation. I love seeing what the children come up with when given creative control over something new and it’s always fun working with them in such a positive environment!  This year, we had everything from fruit faces and healthy eating posters to a fully functioning fruit slice game.”

Participants in Wolverhampton had the opportunity to experience working with 3-D pens, VR, Robotics and Gaming. 

Simon Gull, Wolverhampton Programme Coordinator from LearnPlay Foundation, said, “It’s exciting to see HAF participants engage with what’s on offer. We had 41 children over 5 days learning and playing with VR technology, creating with 3D pens and modelling with dry clay. The fantastic thing is that many of the children can take their creations home with them. It was also gratifying to see how the children enjoyed learning about nutrition and got stuck into taste testing a variety of fruit and vegetables.” 

Simon added, “We look forward to applying for HAF 2023 and to inviting many more participants to have access to these fun and educational sessions.”

Our HAF programmes offer children the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technologies, develop new skills and express their creativity. With a range of programmes available, there is something for every child to enjoy! Additionally, these programs are a great way for children to constructively spend their holidays while having fun and learning valuable skills.

Stay posted for more details about our upcoming HAF Programmes. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for upcoming event details!

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Developing & Nurturing Talent – The Importance Of Apprenticeships In 2023

Developing & Nurturing Talent – The Importance Of Apprenticeships In 2023

2023 is off to a fine start at LearnPlay Foundation! We have just received news that two apprentices passed with distinction! 

Bradley At BCTG

Bradley, an apprentice with BCTG as a Junior Content Producer, enjoyed his apprenticeship experience gaining new-found knowledge in a wide range of aspects covering digital marketing and content creation. Bradley comments, “It wasn’t a narrow path of only social media post creation or only video, it was a good range of different things including a multitude of different ways of creating media. The thing I enjoyed most was exploring new ideas based on feedback from others.” 

When asked about his future plans, Bradley responded that he would like to continue developing his skills in digital media, progressing towards managing a team of digital marketers. “The number one thing I have gained through completing an apprenticeship is the development of my skills through hands-on experience in a job role. This is something that will be valuable to anyone looking to hire me because I have experience working in a large company”, Bradley concludes.

Hannah At LearnPlay Foundation

Hannah, who also completed a Junior Content Producer apprenticeship, did so as part of the Design Team at LearnPlay Foundation. Starting her learning journey with a degree in Digital 

Illustration and Graphic Design, Hannah wished to round out her skills through an apprenticeship with LearnPlay Foundation. 

“Overall I had a pretty good experience. I learned a lot, gaining more graphic design skills. Even though I had done a degree in Digital Illustration and Graphic Design I felt that my knowledge of Graphic Design was lacking. I took on the Junior Content Producer apprenticeship to learn more about Graphic Design and gain more knowledge. I wanted to work in a setting where I would be producing work for the business and for clients of the business so I could naturally get into the swing of things. I feel that over the last 12 months I have definitely improved in the area of Graphic Design and feel a lot more confident in my skills.” 

As a naturally creative person, Hannah continually seeks ways to sharpen her skills, enjoying the challenge of learning a range of creative technical skills which are highly sort after in the creative industry. 

“The aspects of the apprenticeship I most enjoyed was doing industry work, learning more about motion graphics. I’ve definitely enjoyed sinking my teeth into the learning aspect, also getting to meet and work with interesting people and make new friends,” Hannah muses.

Degree Versus Apprenticeship

As a person holding a degree, Hannah is pro apprenticeships for their immense benefits. “As much as degrees have their uses – and I don’t regret doing my degree – their one downfall is that they don’t help you gain firsthand industry experience unless you seek out a placement year. Not everyone can afford university. Apprenticeships are the best of both worlds where you are actively getting industry knowledge and learning which many prospective employers see as a benefit and seek out.” 

When discussing her future career, Hannah remarks, “I would love to get into something in either Illustration, Graphic design or something similar to that. I’m looking at creative-based jobs either freelance or for a company.”

Closing Thoughts

It is clear from chatting with Bradley and Hannah that completing an apprenticeship is a financially sensible and worthwhile experience that has improved their skills and elevated their employment prospects. Taking on an apprentice is undoubtedly a win/win proposition for businesses looking for new, cost-effective hires! 

Join Our Free Taster Sessions

If you live in Wolverhampton and you desire to experience what it is to work in digital media, sign up for one of our free taster sessions:

  • Social Media
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  • Film Production
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We also have the following sessions available:

  • Robotics
  • Immersive Virtual Reality
  • 3D Printing

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) sessions are also available for young people wishing to explore opportunities open to them.


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