The Ideal Time To Shift Gear | Upskilling For Companies

The Ideal Time To Shift Gear | Upskilling For Companies

The Ideal Time To Shift Gear

Redundancies are on the rise—a sad but actual fact – no fake news here. The outgoing P.M has done little to curb this alarming trend, leaving the burden on his successor. Society needs to move away from the mindset that the U.K’s significant financial resources are limitless and able to support the remarkable growth in the upward trend of job losses. 

Upskilling Staff Benefits

In recent years the word ‘pivot’ has come to the fore. Businesses have had to turn on their heels and revise almost their entire business model to keep ahead of Brexit, Covid and, most recently, the war in Ukraine. The effects of these factors we feel as a nation will not be short-lived. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses riding the tidal wave have figured out that incorporating a digital strategy is necessary if they want to stay relevant in today’s market. However, this brings with it another challenge – insufficiently trained staff. 

For example, when there is talk about developing a social media strategy, most people’s eyes glaze over as their minds become entangled in the digital sphere’s technical language. This is particularly true for people who do not use social media. If companies wish to remain relevant in today’s business world, equipping staff with new skills is essential. Reviving outdated skillsets is imperative in today’s workplace.

Upskilling Staff Through Apprenticeships

Geoff Henderson of strongly believes in the ethos of upskilling and reskilling today’s workforce. In his many years in business and industry, he has actively worked to introduce traditional businesses and their workforce to new and emerging technologies. More recently, he noted the emergence of makerspaces or hackspaces around the world, which provide services to businesses and the wider community based on the combination of traditional or craft skills with the best of digital skills. Geoff found that these spaces attracted people from across the spectrum, cutting across the divides of race, gender, culture and socio-economic backgrounds.

Urban Hax has a long-standing relationship with LearnPlay Foundation. In 1998 Geoff and Ro Hands (Managing Director of LearnPlay Foundation) established RG Consulting. As the business progressed, it was clear that there were opportunities to reach and support the wider community through new approaches to skills development. Urban Hax’s new apprentice is being taught the practical skills associated with traditional technology and benefiting from LearnPlay’s expertise in cultivating modern digital skills. This combined skillset will help the company achieve its ambitions for the local community.

Both Urban Hax and LearnPlay Foundation strive to upskill and re-skill individuals to improve their prospects in the workplace and provide future-proofing in the arena of employee skillsets. Now is a pivotal time to reskill and upskill existing employees and for business owners to acquire new talent to bridge the gap in the skills divide.

Benefits Of Taking On An Apprentice

Geoff passionately addresses this issue through his recommendation of apprentices, “When taking on an apprentice, you’re taking on someone with very little skill, but they may have the right aptitude and attitude for the job! LearnPlay has a successful track-record; their business model works! What they have put together in their apprenticeships works well in the range of companies utilising them across the region. It can be easy for an apprenticeship to become dry and abstract. LearnPlay Foundation works on live projects and there is no substitute for apprentices to be pushed in the deep end as there is to work on live projects with real clients!”

While LearnPlay Foundation is adept at training apprentices, they are also passionate about upskilling or reskilling the workforce by providing short courses in various disciplines – good news for job seekers and those wishing to improve their skillset!

Contact LearnPlay Foundation today for more information on upskilling.

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